Our school goal is to collect 733 pounds of food for the FCC Drive Away Hunger Campaign. We have collected just under 300 pounds so far. On Thursday, Oct. 11, we will have a 1 day blitz to collect as much food and money as possible for our food drive.
So far here are our totals:

Kindergarten – 8 pounds
1/2                   22 pounds
2/3                   52 pounds
4/5                   61 pounds
5/6                   55 pounds
7                      39 pounds
8                      51 pounds
Look around your kitchen, is there an extra box of stuffing that wasn’t used at Thanksgiving that you can donate? Talk to your grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbours – ask them if they would like to donate to our food drive. The final day to drop off food is October 15 and FCC will be picking up our donations at 9:10 on October 17.
Lisa Schipper on behalf of our Bothwell Ignite Team.

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