Bothwell School Strong Connections Sept. 18/21, 2020

What Is “Strong Connections”?

Strong Connections days happen near the beginning of the school year, on two days, Friday, Sept. 18 and Monday, Sept 21.   Students from grades 1-8 attend school one day out of the two.  With half of the students present each day, we divide the students up to allow each teacher the opportunity to meet one on one with each student to participate in assessment activities.  This also provides us with opportunities to gain a greater understanding of the student’s needs and build a relationship.

Benefits for Students and Staff

Teachers working individually with their students in an atmosphere of support and encouragement have an opportunity to collect first-hand information which includes the following benefits:

  • Have meaningful conversations with their students
  • Find out how students learn
  • Build students’ confidence as learners
  • Find out the learning strategies students already use
  • Identify students’ reading, writing, and mathematical skills
  • Identify students’ approaches to problem solving both academically and emotionally
  • Begin / strengthen relationships between the teacher and students
  • Begin to understand each student’s attitudes toward school and learning
  • Understand students’ abilities to think about and set goals for their learning

What will it look like?

50% of these students would remain in the homeroom classroom with their teacher for the Strong Connections assessment and interview time.

50% of students would be supervised by the remaining teaching and support staff to participate educational activities at stations in the school.

These two groups would then switch for the afternoon, allowing each homeroom teacher and student to be in class together for half of the day.

Students have been divided at the office level for each day based on busing and family structures.  Teachers will divide the “half class” for each day based on their own criteria.

Students will arrive at and depart from school in their normal manner (bus or other). An email will be sent to each family on Sept. 4th with your child’s scheduled day. You can also check your child’s day on Parent Portal. If you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call the school for more information.




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