On June 4th and June 7th, Grades 1 to 8 students will participate in HSD’s Learning Forward Days. These days will be scheduled the same as September’s Strong Connection Days. Half the class will attend June 4th, and the other half will attend June 7th. The purpose of these Learning Forward Days will be to collect assessment information about each child to assist next year’s teachers in understanding each child’s academic progress and social-emotional well-being. Your child’s teacher will plan time for observations, conversations and products that are evidence of your child’s learning. This is particularly important after a year of multiple adjustments in learning environments. Each family will receive more detailed information with a specific date for your child to attend.

Each family will receive a notification email on May 10 with their students scheduled day to attend.

*All current Kindergarten students will be attending school on June 4, so they will not be in attendance on June 7.


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