Summer Fun Day

Our special Year End Activities will be on Tuesday, June 29th starting at 1:00 in the afternoon.  Students will participate in various activities with their class with staff supervising stations. PAC is supporting this event and hoping to pre-organize a surprise for each cohort!  Unfortunately, parents/caregivers will not be able to attend the event this year.


PAC is working in partnership with the school to help pre-organize for students to have the option to order in a lunch from Dairy Queen for the last day of school.  Online order forms will emailed to parents on June 7 and submission are due back, with payment by June 21.  Students will be eating in their designated lunch areas with their cohorts. 


On this day, Kindergarten will be in the afternoon only . Parents are asked to bring their child to school after lunch for 1:00pm.  Unfortunately, parents will not be able to join their kindergarten child in the afternoon events this year.

The Kindergarten bus students will be able to have the bus to ride home that day, or parents may pick up their child at 3:45pm.

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