Christmas Fun

This year our Christmas Concert will be held on a virtual livestream on December 16th from 11:00-12:00 PM.

The theme of our concert is “Christmas Fun”. We will be doing some singing, some choreographed poems and/or song movements as well as playing lots of instruments!

The livestream link was sent out to parents/guardians on December 14 via Bright Arrow.


Photographs and Videos Pertaining to our Virtual Christmas Concert

The Hanover School Division has limited or no control over photographs and/or videos taken by media and others during school sanctioned events open to the public – such as sporting events, performances, concerts, and similar events. Those viewing the performance may choose to take student photographs, videos, and/or publish identifying information without requesting consent. In these instances, HSD cannot enforce or protect stated permissions or have control over the sharing of live-stream links.

Our Bothwell School Christmas Concert link will be shared with our Bothwell School families and HSD staff. Parents/caregivers that do not currently grant HSD permission to publish have been contacted to discuss granting permission for your child(ren) to be a part of this specific live stream school event.

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