Monday, May 25, 2020

Good Morning to all of our Students, Parents, and Staff!

Fun Fact:    The Sun is a colossal ball of helium and hydrogen gas and is the heaviest body in our Solar System.  1 million Earths could fit inside the Sun! It’s huge!!

Did You Know: That it is National Tap Dance Day!

Happy Birthday to the Following Students:   

Zoey in 2/3 celebrated on May 23

Dina in 3/4 celebrated on May 24

Question of the Week:

Choosing to listen actively to our children when they are eager to talk teaches them conversational skills and strengthens them as individuals.  Open and loving dialogue can fill a child’s soul with confidence and security.  Places you can ask questions/take turn answering questions:  Mealtime, bedtime or when it suits your family. Today’s question:
Which famous person would you like to meet?

Principal’s Message:

Thank you for joining our School Parade on Friday- I must say it was quite meaningful for staff to see all the smiling faces and waves!

Some information was recently shared with families in regard to the provincial decision for school operation for June. We will keep you updated.

WEEKLY Field Trip: click on the bolded words below to take a train tour!

Montenegro – If your kids are fascinated with tunnels, they’re going to love the Belgrade-Bar Railway trip, home to the world’s longest tunnel. It clocks in at 20,246 feet.

Bosnia & Herzegovina (and Croatia too) – For a train ride along a river, and through mountains, take a trip on the Sarajevo-Ploce Railway

Learning @ Home:  Having your child (children)continue to be engaged in learning is the hope during this time of Learning @ Home (K-4 – 5 hours per week and 5-8– 10 hours/week).  hours/week). Have your child (children) attend to learning experiences as it best suits your family’s schedule.

Our staff is committed to being a support to you, so please contact staff for help, and visit the links on our school website. Our school website also has connections to HSD supports and the following are available there for you, too:

Check out our Twitter page:  LET’S SEE IF WE CAN REACH 150 FOLLOWERS!! You can find the link on our website’s top right-hand side of the screen of our home page

Story Time Opportunity:

Click below to hear Mix 96.7 Facebook Page/ I Love to Read Home Edition with Corny Rempel (a new book every weekday at 11:00am!) and click on Videos on the left-hand side:

‘Oh Canada’ Click below to start and then please stand for the playing of  our national anthem: