Bothwell School Entrance

Mission Statement

Bothwell School is a student-centred, safe community that uses engaging learning experiences to empower all to be positive, contributing citizens.

About Us

We are a K-8 School in the growing community of New Bothwell, which takes pride in offering quality programming for all of our students. The philosophy of Bothwell School encompasses the emphasis of meeting the needs of student learning. In order to be dedicated to learning, we believe that:

  • Children are entitled to a positive, safe and valuable school experience
  • All students have unique learning needs and can successfully achieve goals
  • The school promotes social responsibility and should reflect and benefit its community
  • Communication and support between home and school is an essential part of a positive educational experience

Our staff cares about the well-being of each child and supports students to achieve to their best potential. Our strong academic and support programming enrich numeracy and literacy skills and engage students in their learning. The physical education and sports, music/arts education and social responsibility programs are also highlights of the school community- a community in which a sense of belonging is integral!

Bothwell School enjoys the strong community support and benefits from the many parent volunteers and the supportive Parent Advisory Council. Parents/guardians are key partners and are welcomed at Bothwell School. We look forward to the opportunities to meet and work together in the best interest of your children.