Bothwell School appreciates our parent advisory committee.  As we work together and involve ourselves positively in the lives of young people, everyone benefits! As a community, we become stronger with healthy parent relationships and our school recognizes the importance of this valued relationship.  The Parent Advisory Council meets a few times throughout the school year (in person or via on-line meetings) along with the principal. The PAC welcomes parents from our school community who wish to attend/volunteer and the annual general meeting is held in fall to go over the opportunities to get involved! Parents wishing to join PAC or attend a meeting, please contact the school for more information

The PAC is involved in

  • supporting school and school division planning, community reports, programs, and priorities through ongoing discussions and feedback
  • participating in school and school division planning, recommending and supporting future directions for the education
  • fundraising for school improvements
  • the planning and organizing of things like hot lunch and the school picnic
  • working in collaboration with the school to provide input from a parent’s perspective.
  • showing the staff appreciation and standing together to provide the best education we can for our children

Chairperson: Andrew Wychnenka
Vice Chairperson: Kristy Rempel                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Treasurer: Kaitlin Penner
Secretary: Katharina Enns
School Rep: Laura Rekrut


Bothwell Parent Advisory Council Constitution