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Lunch Schedule for 2018-19

Friday, Sept. 7PizzaFriday, Feb. 8Subway
Friday, Sept. 14No Hot LunchFriday, Feb. 15New B's
Friday, Sept. 21SubwayFriday, Feb. 20PAC
Friday, Sept. 28New B'sFriday, Mar. 1Pizza
Friday, Oct. 5PizzaThursday, Mar. 7Subway
Friday, Oct. 12SubwayFriday, Mar. 15New B's
Friday, Oct. 18New B'sFriday, Mar. 22PAC
Friday, Oct. 26PACThursday, Apr. 4Pizza
Friday, Nov. 9SubwayFriday, Apr. 12Subway
Friday, Nov. 16New B'sThursday, Apr. 18New B's
Friday, Nov. 23PACFriday, Apr. 26PAC
Friday, Nov. 30PACFriday, May 3Pizza
Friday, Dec. 7PizzaFriday, May 10Subway
Friday, Dec. 14SubwayFriday, May 17New B's
Friday, Dec. 21No Hot LunchFriday, May 24PAC
Friday, Jan. 11PizzaFriday, May 31PAC
Friday, Jan. 18SubwayFriday, Jun. 7Pizza
Friday, Jan. 25New B'sFriday, Jun. 14Subway
Thursday, Jan. 31PizzaFriday, Jun. 21New B's
Download Full Schedule (PDF)

Hot Lunch Items

Pizza Hotline

  • Cheese ($1.75)
  • Pepperoni ($1.75)
  • Ham & Pineapple ($1.75)


  • Ham, Turkey, Pizza
  • Cold-Cut Combo or Veggie ($4.00)
  • Chicken Noodle Soup ($2.50)

New B’s

  • Hot Dog ($2.00)
  • 6 Chicken Nuggets w/ 6 Potato Wedges, 6 Carrot Sticks & Dip ($4.00)


  • Taco in a Bag ($3.00)

Ordering Process & Due Dates

Hot lunch ordering is changing for the 2018-19 school year in response to what we have heard from parents/guardians! We are moving from weekly ordering to 1 month at a time ordering, beginning with the month of October, which will hopefully alleviate the feeling of scrambling weekly to order. September ordering will remain weekly while we transition.

Download Hot Lunch Letter To Parents (PDF) or View Details Listed Below:

  • One order form per student will be sent home 1 week before the due date. Monthly Order Forms (PDF) are listed below.
  • Order forms and payment will be due by the last Monday of each month. (see dates listed on back)
  • Please fill in the order for the month for your child(ren). You do not have to order every meal option. For example, you could order pizza for the first week only, but know that you cannot order other meal options during the month.
  • Payment must be enclosed or placed on Parent Portal when the order form is returned. When paying on Parent Portal, you must make a payment for each child. Note that there is a minimum of $10 when making an online payment. You can add a lump sum on for future months.

Cash or cheque is also accepted. Cheques made out to Bothwell School – no posted dated cheques please. Hot lunch tickets will no longer be sold but previously purchased tickets may be used for payment.Please check the box on the form which option you choose and indicate at the bottom of the forms who the money is for or who the payment will be made with.

  • There are no refunds. If your child is away that day, you may come pick up their order, have it sent with a sibling or gift it to another student in the school.
  • No late orders will be accepted. All orders need to be placed once a month by due date stated on form.
Forms & Due Dates for Monthly Orders (2018-19)
Monthly Order FormForm Sent Home (Mondays with Exceptions)Due Date (Mondays)
October FormSept. 14 & 17 (Strong Connections)Sept. 24
November FormOct. 22Oct. 29
December FormNov. 19Nov. 26
January FormDec. 10Dec. 17
February FormJan. 21Jan. 28
March FormFeb. 19 (Tuesday)Feb. 25
April FormMar. 11Mar. 18
May FormApr. 22Apr. 29
June FormMay 21 (Tuesday)May. 27

Microwave Schedule of Use

The following schedule will continue for Grades 1-6 only.

  • Grades 1-3 (Mondays & Wednesdays)
  • Grades 4-6 (Tuesdays & Thursdays)
  • Grades 7-8 (Daily Microwave Priviledge)

Please pack your child’s lunch accordingly. Sandwich’s, wraps or a thermos are great options.

Canteen Price List

  • Burrito ($1.00)
  • Pizza Pop ($1.00)
  • Chocolate Milk ($1.00)
  • Ritz Bitz ($.75)
  • Welch’s Fruit Snack ($.50)
  • Handi-Snack ($.50)
  • Goldfish Crackers ($.50)
  • Juice Box ($.50)
  • Pudding ($.50)
  • Sesame Snaps ($.50)
  • Rice Krispie Square ($.50)
  • Hot Rods ($.50)
  • Spoon ($.10)