Who: Grade 5-8 Bothwell School Students 

What:  Fundraising to offset total cost to all parents collectively for Grade 5/6 Manitoba Museum field trip and the Grade 5-8 Ski Trip (not including food) by selling Niakwa frozen pizzas, frozen pizza shells, gift cards and baking screens ! 

When: January 23-Feb 6, 2023

Where: The Niakwa Pizza orders will be ready for pick-up from the school on February 23rd between 3:30 – 4:30 P.M. If you are unable to pick up during these times, please give the office a call.

Why: All profits from the fundraiser will collectively lessen the cost for all parents for the Grade 5/6  Manitoba Museum Trip and the Grade 5-8 Ski Trip that are scheduled for this year. If there are any fundraised money above the cost of these trips, those funds will be allocated to support other school wide events.

Grade 5/6: Manitoba Museum field trip approximate cost before fundraising is approximately $30                                                                                                                              Grade 5-8: Skiing approximate cost before fundraising is $35

Order forms will be sent home on January 23rd. We ask that all orders and cash/cheques be handed into the office by February 6th at the latest. Preferred method of payment is cheques made out to Bothwell School. Please do NOT pay for your pizza orders on Parent Portal as fundraising events are not involved with students accounts. Call the school if you need extra order forms sent home.

Thank you to all who support this fundraiser!

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