Our annual summer fun day will be on Thursday, June 29th.  The PAC and school are working together to put on this special event.  Students will participate in various events with their class.  Teachers will supervise their own classes. 


At 11:45, classes will begin to make their way to the Picnic Shelter on the Rec. Center grounds. Pre-ordered food will be available.  A picnic meal of either a Wendy’s cheeseburger or nuggets and chips and a drink for $5, MUST BE PRE-ORDERED with an online order form that will be shared with parents on June 16th.  Food orders are due June 23rd. One form per student, but each person may submit more than one order. Parents are welcome to order additional meals for themselves and/or family – one form per person.   

Special thank you to our wonderful PAC for the organization of the lunch option!

Parents/families are also welcome to bring their own bagged lunches to the rec center at 12 and have lunch with their children until 12:50, before returning to the school for the activity stations! 

Summer Fun Day Activities

The activities will begin around 1:00. We encourage you to make this a FAMILY SUMMER FUN DAY!  The school has organized a bouncy rental.  We are looking forward to a terrific afternoon on our school grounds to complete the school year. Please bring refillable water bottles for lunch and the afternoon.


On this day, Kindergarten will be in the afternoon only starting at 12:50. Please bring your child to the kindergarten class to meet Mrs. Neufeld for the afternoon festivities at that time, or families may join the lunch time at 12:00.


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