We will be hosting in-person meetings and are looking forward to connecting with you! This term we would like to meet with all parents/guardians. Our upcoming Progress Conversations between parents/guardians and teachers will take place on November 23rd between 4 and 8 p.m., prior to the sharing of the report card document on Parent Portal on Friday, November 24th.  This time is set to take place in advance of reports, and parents and teachers may focus on the following:

  • your child’s learning experiences
  • skills and evidence of learning observed in academics
  • observations of social skills
  • a conversation to include more than the summative marks on the report card- a time to ask questions on the progress of the whole child
  • ensuring parents/guardians are informed before the marks or comments on report card are shared- without surprises on the reports
  • strengthening the school and home team to support continued progress of your child in school!

BOOK YOUR TIME ON PARENT PORTALWe will be giving parents/guardians the opportunity to book an in-person meeting with their child’s teachers. Parents/guardians can book times online beginning at 8:30 am, Nov. 16th  and it will remain open until Nov. 22 at 4 p.m. The available times for Progress Conversation Meetings can be viewed by logging in to Parent Portal and click on Parent Teacher Meetings to book an appointment. The list below shares what teachers you may want to book visits:

Mrs. C Wareham/Mrs. E. ChalmersKindergarten
Mrs. E. Chalmers5-8 French, 1-8 Music
Ms. J. BlairGr. 1/2
Ms. C. PennerGr. 3/4
Mr. P HeeseGr. 5/6
Mrs. L MuntainGr. 7/8 ELA, SS, Math
Mr. E FastK-8 PE/HE, Gr. 7/8 SCI

The earlier you log in, the more likely you will be able to book a time that works best for you. 

If the available times do not work for you, please contact the teacher(s) via email to arrange a mutually agreed upon time to connect on a different date, as we value parent communication. 

Please contact the school if you need help making an appointment by calling 204-388-4422 or emailing

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