PAC Cheese Fundraiser

BOTHWELL SCHOOL PAC WILL BE HOSTING THEIR ANNUAL BOTHWELL CHEESE FUNDRAISER March 24—April 10, 2017 Our PAC committee is excited to partner with Bothwell Cheese in offering their great selection of cheese at a great price. Every student who sells 20 items of cheese will receive a free Bothwell School 2016/17 yearbook. Funds raised over and above the cost of yearbooks will be put toward the school picnic held at the end of the year. Order forms will be sent… Read More

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Middle Years Cheese Fundraiser

If You Would Like to Stock Up on Bothwell Cheese For Your Christmas Get Togethers We Have Just The Thing For You! This year our Middle Years fundraiser will be selling Bothwell Cheese. This is specifically a Middle Years fundraiser and the money students raise will go towards educational learning trips/experiences. The Bothwell Cheese fundraiser will run from Thursday, Nov. 10 to Wednesday Nov. 23. Delivery will be Thursday, Dec. 1 and cheese can be picked up between 3:30 and… Read More

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World’s Finest Chocolate Fundraiser Oct. 7-20, 2016

It is that time of year again where we ask for students and parents to assist us in our major fundraising event which is selling World’s Finest Chocolates. We have decided to sell a slightly larger box at $3.00 each. There are 30 boxes per case, so a case equals $90. This is a great fundraiser for us as we keep 50% of every sale. If we have a total sellout, we will earn over $5,000! Profits made from this… Read More

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Bake Sale Fundraiser – April 12

BAKE SALE FUNDRAISER!!! The IGNITE committee will be having a BAKE SALE in the front foyer after the 10:00 and 7:00 performance of the spring musical “RECESS!”. Please bring some extra change along when you come to the musical and go home with some yummy baked goods. We are raising money for FREE THE CHILDREN to build a WELL. Help us in supporting this great cause.

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Free The Children- year long fundraiser 2015 2016

This December, IGNITE students set up a booth in the Kindergarten area and sold candy canes to the students and staff of Bothwell School.   Friendly messages were written to go along with the candy canes and were delivered in the afternoons.This fundraiser, known as Kris Kringle, raised $120 for the IGNITE committee’s charity of choice. After attending WE day in the fall, the IGNITE committee has decided that their charity will be FREE THE CHILDREN, which is connected to WE day, and… Read More

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